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How They Met Review


Levithan, David.  How They Met and Other Stories.  New York: Alfred Knopf, 2008. 

244 Pages

Q4 – P3 – S

Grades 9-12

David Levithan tells the reader in the introduction to this collection that they aren’t about to read a collection of love stories; they are stories, rather, about love, in all it’s forms.  Many of the stories here were written as Valentines day pieces he created in high school physics class and had given as  gifts to his friends. Love is indeed Levithan’s mastered theme.  His writing on the complicated subject from many points of view and many walks of life seems effortless, natural, and oh so relatable.  Levithan’s teen characters are self-conscious, but witty, insecure and awkward but with moments of articulate clarity and brevity in their situations.  In MIss Lucy Had a Steam Boat the narrator, Lucy, is dumped by a girl whom she was completely and totally infatuated with.  It never occurred to her that, “a person could know all the right things to say and deploy them to get what she wanted, without having to mean any of it.”  She comes to shun the idea that, 

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